AVID Students Visit UCR

 Over 200 of Diamond Valley Middle School students in AVID classes attended a field trip to UCR.  Sixth, seventh and eighth graders  toured through the campus to get an overview of what college is about.
Mrs. Guilas took the first group of 7th and 8th graders on Tuesday, January 26th.  The students were amazed at the size and beauty of the campus.  They got a chance to see what student life was like.  Mr, Tretter took a group of 6th graders on Thursday.
"Students eyes are opened when they realize the freedom and choices they get when they go to these college field trips," said Mr. Tretter. "They get to see what their future may be like."
The AVID students have been treated and will visit other campuses including UCLA, UCR, San Jacinto JC, and  San Marcos JC.