Student Registration Begins for Diamond Valley Middle School

Registration for students planning on attending Diamond Valley Middle School begins July 26 through July 28 from 2 pm to 6 pm.
Registration includes processes such as establishing immune records for the school, supplying current address and contact information, taking student ID photo, purchasing items such as ASB discount cards, PE clothes, yearbooks.
Along with these important steps, much information will be supplied to help parents and students understand the goals and objectives for having a successful school year.
Please review the Lifetouch information below as well as the Tdap flyer PDF below.
Registration will be located inside the library and multipurpose room.  We expect the days to be hot and lines to be long and they may lead outside, however, Diamond Valley staff and volunteers will be working hard to move the lines along.  We encourage those who plan on attending to bring water to keep themselves hydrated.  Water will also be available from our water fountains.  
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