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Counseling at DVMS


At Diamond Valley the counseling department works closely with students, parents and teachers to provide the optimal amount of success for your student. We follow national standards, focusing on three areas.   We help students with their decisions in a student's academic, social/personal and career choices.

Counselors Role

The middle school's counselor's role encompasses counseling, consulting and coordination. A comprehensive school counseling program covers three areas of student development:
  • Academic
  • Career
  • Personal/Social

Individual Counseling

In a confidential setting, the professional school  counselor employs specific counseling techniques to assist students in areas such as:
  • Planning for High School and College
  • Career Planning
  • Positive Attitude and Behavior
  • Decision Making and Problem Solving
  • Interpersonal Relationships
  • Crisis Intervention

Small Group Counseling

 In small  group counseling, the counselor meets with two or more students. In this setting students work on shared tasks and develop supportive relationships. through giving and receiving feedback, students have the opportunity to gain valuable skills in how to learn and live with others. Group discussion may be problem centered, where attention is given to a particular concern or problem; or group discussion may be growth oriented where topics are related to personal and academic development.

Small group counseling is especially suitable for middle school adolescents. Groups provide a place where they can safely experiment with reality and test their limits. A unique quality of group counseling lets adolescents be instrumental in one
another's growth.

Small group counseling is an essential aspect of the role of the middle school counselor. The topics of the groups are mandated by the needs of the student population.