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Mrs. Erin Carr » Welcome!


Dear Parents,
A warm hello to all of you! I wanted to take a quick moment to introduce myself. My name is Mrs. Carr and I am your sixth grader’s Math and/or Science teacher. I absolutely LOVE teaching middle school and have been teaching it for going on 9 years now. I am looking forward to getting to know all of you.
Middle school is a big adjustment and I am here to help your student's transition go smoothly. With that said, you can expect the high standards Hemet USD has set for your student to continue here at DVMS. I will expect your student to be respectful, responsible, and practice safe behaviors each and every day. This means that I will asking that they take responsibility for their learning and behavior all year long so they can be the most successful student possible. I will do my best to communicate with you every step of the way as communication is the key to an effective partnership. You can check this website for information pertaining to my classes specifically but grade information will be found on Aeries. Please make sure to get your code from the office and sign up as soon as possible. I encourage you and your student to contact me with any questions or concerns that may arise. You can reach me at

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LCM & GCF Ladder Method

Hi all, 
   This is a very quick method for finding the least common multiple and/or greatest common factor of two or more numbers. We use these skills when working with operations of fractions.
zipper pencil pouch (this was created with duck tape and a plastic zipper bag and then hole-punched) easy and cheap!
Make sure you check out the contents! My pencils are sharpened before class :D
subject-labeled dividers.....I made my own with file folders
    (cut them in half and then hole-punch) again, super easy and cheap!
Student planner--easily the most important supply! Please check their planner daily and make sure they are writing all assignments down legibly (they have to be able to read it!)


Organization is key to success in middle school. We follow the AVID guidelines for all supplies and organization. Every student on campus is an AVID student even if they do not have an AVID class. Being such, here is a list of supplies that are necessary:
  • 2"-3" three-ring binder
  • 5-6 tab subject dividers
  • zipper pouch for holding writing utensils or...3-hole punch resealable bags
  • two pens
  • two pencils (sharpened)
  • one/two highlighter pens
  • filler paper
  • student agenda (provided by the school)
  • personal sharpener (one that encloses shavings) 
  • ruler
  • calculator
  • dictionary and/or thesaurus