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Mr. Brown's Classes


This year I am scheduled to teach Yearbook, Multimedia, instruct Keyboarding and Computers.  In my classroom, I have  40 computers, video editing equipment and cameras.  The computers will be used for my 7th and 8th grade Yearbook and Video Production classes as well as my Keyboarding/computer classes.  The cameras and video editing equipment will be utilized by the Video Production and Yearbook classes.

The Diamond Valley Middle School Yearbook class, will create a yearbook theme, photograph students and staff, design page layouts, and help with sales of the yearbook throughout the year.  Video Production students will write, scripts, edit video, produce our morning announcements and perform news announcements during Advisory class.  Both of these courses will be during the second period and the tasks will overlap between each course.  Essentially, students in Yearbook will be a part of Video Production and Video Production will assist with Yearbook.

My Keyboarding and computer courses will be designed to improve the skill of typing as well as give comprehensive understanding of many software applications.  It is important for our students to be proficient in a variety of word processing software as these programs and Apps will be utilized throughout their education and lifetime.  I will also spend time to access other educational programs and I hope to introduce some coding and microprocessor control lessons as well